The 52 episodes

A web-documentary by Peter A. Dettling  © 2018 all rights reserved

One episode per week. Every Saturday a new short video will be released until the end of 2018, totaling 52 episodes. Many interesting, exciting, and from time to time thoughtful anecdotes from the Calanda region await the audience.

Week 1 – A new journey. Upon receiving an invitation by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRF, Peter Dettling embarks on a journey into the home range of ​​the first wolf family to establish itself in modern-day Switzerland.

Week 2 – The history of Swiss wolves, part 1/4. To better understand the significance of the wolves’ return to Switzerland, we look into the past.

Week 3 – The History of Swiss wolves, Part 2/4: Slow Recovery. This episode focuses on the original distribution, eradication and return of the wolves.

Week 4 – The History of Swiss wolves, Part 3/4: The Surselva Wolf. The so-called Surselva Wolf appears in an area called Surselva near the end of 2001. On his trail is gamekeeper Georg Sutter.

Week 5 – The History of the Swiss wolves, Part 4/4: Calanda Wolfsland. In episode 5, we get to know the territory of the first wolf family in modern-day Switzerland.

Week 6 – On the Wolf Trail. Peter Dettling and Georg Sutter find traces of the Calanda wolf family. How many wolves roam the area together? Peter and Georg look for clues.

Week 7 – Force of Nature, Part 1 . The discovery of a wolf kill high above the Rhine Valley shows the impressive hunting skills of the Calanda Wolves.

Week 8 – Force of Nature, Part 2. Who would have thought that the return of the wolves to the alpine valleys would even delight snails? Unexpected insights at the Calanda on key species and biodiversity.

Week 9 – A different kind of wolf trail. Wolf scat offers remarkable insights.

Week 10 – Love is in the air. In the beginning of March, Peter finds signs that the mating season is upon the Calanda Wolves.

Week 11 – Panel talks. While the Calanda Wolves are busy with their mating season rituals, heated debates about their presence are held in many halls throughout the Chur Rhine Valley.

Week 12 – Changing seasons. Peter is busy filming the change of seasons during the start of spring.

Week 13 – Surviving winter. When a deer gets hit by a car, Peter realizes that feeding wildlife during winter can do more harm than good.

Week 14 – Transition. Finally, Peter gets his first Calanda wolf sighting of the year.

Week 15 –  – Dangerous times. Leaving the parental territory is one of the most dangerous phases in the life of a wolf. It is no different at the Calanda.

Week 16 – Awakening spirits. The return of spring at the Calanda awakens new life and new energy. At the same time Peter intensifies his search for the wolves.

Week 17 – The green wave. The returning spring drives the vegetation up the steep slopes like a green wave. The rising temperature, however, also creates danger.

Week 18 – Out of sight. Despite an intense search, the Calanda Wolves remain invisible but the area offers more than just wolves.

Week 19 – Lords of the sky. The surprising story of the wren is the focus of today’s episode.

Week 20 – Time of extremes. Somewhere on the Calanda Mountain, out of sight, young wolf pups see the light of day for the very first time.

Week 21 – Last bite. As winter shows its teeth at the Calanda one last time, Peter is busy capturing meditative impressions on film.

Week 22 – Seton watching, Part 1. After weeks of unsuccessfully searching for wolves, Peter finally catches a glimpse of a large male, but the encounter does not go as Peter had hoped.

Week 23 – Seton watching, Part 2. After a successful sighting of a wolf seen in the previous episode, the lucky streak continues for Peter in the form of an unexpected midnight event.

Week 24 – Sheep drive. At the beginning of June, shepherds drive a large flock of sheep up to an Alp located in the core area of the Calanda wolf family. Can this go well?

Week 25 – The longest day. Peter gets reinforcements from Canada to handle the exhausting wolf search.

Week 26 – The babysitter. In episode 25, Tiffany and Peter caught sight of a wolf. Which wolf did they see? That question is answered in this episode.

Week 27 – Hay harvest. The beginning of July is hay harvest time. Peter and Tiffany are invited to document this exciting event.

Week 28 – Explorers, Part 1. While the farmers are busy harvesting, Peter and Tiffany catch their first glimpse of wolf pups high on the Calanda.

Week 29 – Explorers, Part 2. After the short wolf pup observation in Episode 28, Peter and Tiffany get another opportunity to be the first to film wolf pups in the Swiss Alps.

Week 30 – The deer anecdote. An impressive male deer makes a surprise visit to the area where the wolf pups are hanging out. What is the king of the forest looking for?

Week 31 – Full of life. The Calanda is bursting with life at the end of July. Animals are busy feeding their young. It is no different for the Calanda wolf parents.

Week 32 – The raiding fox. Once again, the wolf pups get an uninvited visit. This time it’s a sneaky red fox.

Week 33 – Intrusions. After people appear in the core area of the Calanda wolves, Peter and Tiffany set out to film  a meteor shower.

Week 34 – Of dragons and wolves. A short history of the Calanda region.

Week 35 – Wolf songs. What about the general acceptance of wolves in the Calanda wolfsland? Peter goes in search of answers and finds surprisingly clear results.

Week 36 – The hunt, part 1. The fall hunt is on. Time for Peter and Tiffany to leave the Calanda for a few weeks.

Week 37 – Danger to humans? How dangerous are wolves to humans? A search for answers takes the filmmakers from the Calanda to the heart of France.

Week 38 – Of men and wolves, part 2. A Switzerland without large carnivores is something that a minority of people want. One evening a new organization is founded and Peter joins the crowd to film the event.

Week 39 – Politics. Once again, politicians meet in the Swiss capital Bern to debate about wolves.

Week 40 – Words of wisdom . While politicians are busy debating about wolves, beavers and swans, it is time for Peter to seek solitude high on the Calanda.

Week 41 – Finishing school . After a three-week absence, Peter returns to the Calanda and learns about a very special wolf observation a friend of his made.

Week 42 – October splendour. October is not unjustly associated with the adjective “golden” as today’s colorful episode proves.

Week 43 – Grandfather Wolf. Georg Sutter and his dog, Castor, join Peter on an outing at the Calanda Wolf area. During the hike Castor demonstrates where his roots are and why we should be grateful to the wolves.

Week 44- Chamois hunt. Once again, Peter follows in the footsteps of hunting wolves and experiences a surprising déjà vu.

Week 45 – Of wolves and sheep. Of wolves and sheep… A biblical story with amazing insights at the Calanda.

Week 46 – November sun. Peter, Tiffany and Georg spend a week in a hut high above the Chur Rhine Valley in early November and experience firsthand the effects of climate change on plant and animal life.

Week 47 – First snow. After weeks of drought the first snow finally falls in the Calanda region. The tracking season can begin.

Week 48 – Deer migration. On a full moon night, Tiffany and Peter embark on a night safari in the Chur Rhine Valley.

Week 49- Wolf fieldwork. In November 2013, Georg and Peter found traces of 10 wolves. How many are there two years later?

Week 50- Baiting. The cantons of Graubünden and Sankt Gallen want to kill two Calanda wolves. They say it is necessary as the wolves have lost their natural fear towards humans. Peter’s experiences with wolves tell a different story.

Week 51 – The blue hour. The ultimate test to see if the Calanda wolves have truly lost their natural fear towards humans comes when Peter finds himself eye to eye with a young Calanda wolf.

Week 52 – Time of reflection. An in-depth and reflective review of Peter’s experience with the Calanda wolves.