Multimedia Show in Winterthur, Switzerland with


Friday October 18. 2019 3:00 & 7:30 pm

Peter Dettling and Reno Sommerhalder are well-known as the “wolf” and “bear” men in Canada and beyond. Now the two Canadians present for the first time together in Winterthur a thrilling multimedia show of their adventures with bears and wolves from the wilds of Canada, the United States, Russia and – Switzerland. Do not miss!


Start of web-documentary on first Swiss wolf family: March 3, 2018

Peter Dettling chose to launch ONCE AROUND THE SUN WITH THE CALANDA WOLVES on March 3, 2018. March 3rd is officially known as the “World Wildlife Day”, a day to raise awareness and celebrate the flora and fauna of our planet. There is no better day to start this series. Furthermore, Peter decided to extend the “Wildlife Day” to a “Week of the Wolves”. This means that starting March 3rd at least one video per day will be aired until March 10. After that the episodes will be published – as promoted – once per week. The web-series has a total of 52 episodes. Each episode is between 1 ½ to 7 minutes long. Similar to a puzzle, each episode will add a specific angle to the story. At the end a complete and complex picture on a much contested topic will have been created.


ON RADIO AND TV. Peter Dettling’s work with wolves as showcased on Radio or on TV. Watch or listen past contributions by clicking on the link below the short description (most contributions are in German and they can be found here.)


Wolves – Ghosts of the Forest ( 2012) An artist travels to Canmore, Alta., and joins wildlife photographer Peter Dettling in the search for a wild wolf. Watch it here.