Thank you

A web-documentary by Peter A. Dettling  © 2018 all rights reserved

This project was very time consuming and costly, and I could not have realized it to such an extent without solid support and generous contributions. I would like to sincerely thank the organizations, foundations and private individuals mentioned below, and I hope that I have been able to live up to their trust by creating a successful web-documentary of the first wolf family in modern-day Switzerland. The project was supported in various phases as follows:

Funding for the necessary field work provided by:

WWF Switzerland, Pro Natura, Gasser Foundation, Gruppe Wolf Schweiz,, Zauberberg Foundation, Vischnaunca Tujetsch, GKB-Ilanz, Christoph Balz, Karin Bär and Peter Kömeter

Funding for post-production / creation of this web-documentary provided by:

Bernd Thies Foundation, Temperatio Foundation, Cultural Department GR, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Boner Foundation,, WWF Grisons, WWF Sankt Gallen, Raiffeisen Cadi

In addition to the sponsors mentioned above, countless other people helped to make my ideas become reality over the four-and-a-half years of this project.

Phase 1: In the beginning there was only a vague idea to create something of value at the Calanda. The most important people who encouraged me in this early stage of the project were (as always) my parents, my two sisters and Tiffany Moore. In addition to the moral support of my family, I also needed help from like-minded people who work for a successful return of wolves in Switzerland. I’d like to thank them not only for the support of my work but also for all their hard work in favor of Canis lupus. I am thinking of Anita Mazzetta, Gabor von Bethlenfalvy, Mirjam Ballmer, David Gerke, Christina Steiner and Christian Müller.

Phase 2: To get to know wolves requires not only the study of countless books and scientific wolf literature, it also requires knowledge gained in the field. Only out there, in the great outdoors, will you truly get to know the wolf. On that note, my greatest thanks to Georg Sutter, who joined me countless times in the wolf territory and who always inspired me with his enormous knowledge of the natural world. In addition, there were many different people who kindly shared their sightings, experiences, finds and expertise with me. I am thinking of Claudio Spadin, Ralph Manz, Dr. Luca Fumagalli, Micha Fischer, Lucia Koller, Lieni and Anna Schneller, Urs Steger, Marlis and Hansi Derungs, Elisabeth Clement and her husband, Leoni Barandun and finally the whole Schmid family. A big thank you to all of you!

The following people helped me in different capacities: Marie-Louise Gerhard, Rob Alexander, Marcel Brühwiler, Christian Niederer, Silvio Lebrument, Marcel Gross, Beat and Renate Germann, Bo, Astrid, Beat Häner, Stefan Borkert, Hans Huonder, Prisca Bigliel and Sara Hauschild.

Finally, my thanks to the wolves themselves. By attempting to tell their story, I have been privileged to gain deep insights into the lives of various wild animals while being confronted by the complex nature of man. The wolves have shown beyond any doubt that humans and wolves can coexist. Now it is up to us. I hope my work can help us better understand wolves and thus promote their acceptance in our society. May they live long and well!